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In the summer season Gaffara Tour & Travels offers a series of a little less rigorous adventure sports, such as Water Skiing, on Srinagar's Dal and Nagin Lakes, a popular part time in the valley. Water trekking is calculated to delight anyone wanting to explore the valley in a boat. A Gondala, locally known as Shikara, takes sightseers along a five-day route along rivers and lakes situated within the valley. Enjoy spending nights camping along the way. TroutFishing is another delightful water sport in Kashmir and fishing season lasts all through summer.
Water Skiing in Kashmir Skiing is considered to be one of the major extreme sports in the sport, but water skiing is something that gives a water sport lover the opportunity to make a splash at the watery depths of the sea world. Similar to surfing in many ways, you do get to balance on the ski board in here too, but a strong a sensory power is also required over here too. Water sports are the 'fun' aspect of Kashmir. The Dal and Nagin lakes in Srinagar and the Manasbal Lake, 32-km from Srinagar are the best places for water-skiing! The largest expanse of the Dal, the Bod-Dal, has privately owned 'bathing boats' which hire out motor launches, water-skies and trained instructors. There are more bathing boats at the Nagin Lake and also a government run Institute of Water Sports. The Nagin lake too has trained instructors and is more popular because of its clean water.
Manasbal Lake, approachable from Srinagar by road, is secluded from the rest of the world by the hills that surround it. Serene, with a mirror like sheen on its surface makes Manasbal an attractive water sports resort. Not only one can hire the latest water-skiing equipment but also specially trained instructors impart lessons to the initiated. Throughout the summer season in Kashmir - from May to the end of August - the water of the lakes is pleasant for water sports. The Tourist's huts and bungalows are available on all the above resorts to make it an overnight getaway
River Rafting
Rafting On The River Indus
While water levels are high, between the end of June and late August, Gaffara Tour & Travels operate rafting trips on the river Indus. The scene is still in its infancy, and the routes tame by comparison with Nepal's, but floating downstream in a rugged and beautiful landscape.
River rafting in Ladakh is difficult to find anywhere else in the world. It provides the best opportunity to enjoy and observe the natural beauty of the awesome landscapes with snow-covered mountain peaks, deep gorges, hillside villages, towering hilltop monasteries and glimpses of the unique wildlife. Ladakh provides an array of rafting options on the Indus and its main tributaries.
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