Naseem Bagh (The Garden of Breezes) Srinagar
Naseem Bagh is situated on the western side of Dal Lake, about 1 Km beyond Hazratbal. Akbar the great is said to have laid out Naseem Bagh on the shores of Dal Lake. The Bagh is dotted with hundreds of magnificent Chinars. The saplings are said to have been watered with milk mixed with water. The breeze of the lake makes it an abode of serene and tranquil peace.

Kokernag (Anantnag)
'Koker' means 'Cock'. Its claws have five fingers. 'Nag' means 'spring or stream'. The five main springs of Kokernag are spread like the claws of a cock. It is a beautifully laid garden around a fresh water spring famous for its curative properties. A botanical garden, with several kinds of roses, has been woven around fresh water stream here. The thickly wooded sheer mountain that rises sharply from the spring is the main attraction of Kokernag. Picturesque paths and shded walks have been created in the forest.

Achabal (Anantnag)
The place is famous and attractive due to ancient spring surrounded by a garden, terraced and developed by the 'Mughal Emperor'. The place has got some historical background too. The upper portion of the garden is called "Bagh-e-Begum Abad" developed by Malik-e-Noor Jahan Begum in 1620 A.D. and renowned as Saheb Abad in which there was a "hamam" getting heat from a logical lamp.

Verinag (Anantnag)
It is stunning location; an almost vertical, densely wooded, mountain with a flat green at its feet. A spring at Verinag is considered to be the orginal source of river Jehlum. The spring is situated at the bottom of hill covered by pine trees, evergreen plants and Chinars which even stand today along, the spring in magnificent size.

Ahrabal (Pulwama)
Surrounded by fir forests, Ahrabal is famous for its 24.4 metre waterfall created by river Vishav. The waterfall is horribly beautiful.

Mattan (Anantnag)
This pilgrim village is just off the road that leads to Pahalgam. The word 'Mattan' is an abbreviation of 'Martand'. It has traditionally been a major Hindu pilgrimage. Since ancient times, Lord Vishnu has been worshiped here in his Martand (Surya) manifestation. There are temples, and a gurudwara around this tank. It is said that Surya was born to Aditi was the wife of Kashyap, the saint from whom Kashmir probably takes it name. Surya was her thirteenth child. The spring at Mattan is connected with this legend.

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