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Gaffara Tour & Travels arrange fishing expeditions out of Srinagar into the Lidder Valley on an individual basis, according to your time frame and according to the best current fishing locations.
Permits are issued for a maximum of three days at a time on a first-come-first-served basis, and are charged on a per day per rod basis. We will arrange your permit as well as the hire of fishing equipment if you require. Overnight expeditions in the Valley are available, sleeping in modern tents, with cooked breakfasts, packed lunches and cooked evening meals provided.
Fishing Tours Kashmir is one adventure sport that has universal appeal. Tourists can enjoy the pleasure of fishing in the streams and lakes of Kashmir. Pahalgam is one of Kashmir's important fishing retreats. The water bodies in area are rich in trout.
Though one requires a permit to go fishing, the experience can be a once in a lifetime experience. This region is aptly known as a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. The streams and lakes have plenty of brown and rainbow trout.
Fishing on the high altitude lakes can be a learning experience. Fishing on the Dal Lake is an interesting activity. In fact local guides accompany amateur fishing enthusiasts on Shikaras and teach them how to net fishes. Fishing on the Jhelum River is also a popular activity.
Fishing in the Lidder Valley The Lidder Valley is a fisherman's dream - pure mountain air, serene tranquility and bountifully populated waters. The Lidder River feeds the entire region of lush meadows and magnificent clear lakes with a series of tributaries and streams, all of which teem with rainbow and brown trout. The best time for fishing stretches from April to September, and the best spots are recorded by locals, so we always know where to head to find the best fishing beets.
Kashmir has been rightly called angler's paradise,with a network of rivers and streams as well as high altitude lakes all abounding in trout both brown and rainbow.Trout fishing in Kashmir is far,far cheaper than it is in ant other part of the world.And most importantly,the Department of Fisheries,which controls angling in the valley,works hard to ensure that there is no depletion of stock by indiscriminate fishing whcih means that you can revel in angling in ideal conditions. Kashmir' fabled natural beauty needs no introduction here.Crisscrossing the state are the well-known Sind and Lidder rivers,their tributaries and a silvery network of smaller rivers and streams.The geographical variation along the course of each river is immense,affording endless possibilities for the angler.Nearer the source of each river,the gradient is steeper and the waters faster flowing.The landscape is generally hilly,with dark brooding pines towering all round.As the river runs its course,the gradient evens out and the flow of water loses its torrential force.You are now in open countryside where the horizon is wide and sweeping and where trees are willow poplar and walnut. Do not be deceived into thinking that fishing in Kashmir is the somewhat somnolent sport that it is elsewhere for the trout is a crafty fish and you will have to practise all your skill to get him to bite. Early mornings and late evenings are the best times for fishing and in these quiet hours,the illusion that the world is yours will be heightened.If using one type of fly does not meet with success,you will have to experiment with another type.And cast and recast repeatedly.To increase your chances of sucess you might like to shift to another spot after all,your permit allows you to wish at any point in one beat which measures two kilometres.And it ensures that nobody else is allowed the use of that beat for the days alloted to you.But in case you need information or assistance you are not alone.Our beat guards-there are two per beat-are familiar with the habits of the fish and are there to advise you,should you wish.
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